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Instructor: Mrs. Neuerburg   
Students will be completing Honors Algebra through Stanford University's EPGY program. The Education Program for Gifted Youth allows students to work at their own pace through a rigorous curriculum. Students will also be working through the Algebra course on Khan Academy. For the program to be most beneficial students are expected to take ownership for their learning and ask questions when appropriate.†
February 29th to March 4th
Students are continuing to work through EPGY this week! On Tuesday we will be going over radicals.
February 21 to 25
Students are continuing through EPGY. This week we are focusing on the quadratic formula. Please remember that if your student needs help, they are more than welcome to come in during PODS.
February 16 to 19
Students are continuing to work through EPGY. This Tuesday we are going to review factoring.
February 8 to 11
This week is parent/teacher conference week! I am looking forward to meeting with each of you!

Due to an unexpected snow day on Tuesday, we didnít get a chance to meet as a group individually. Students are working well through EPGY content and growing in their understanding of algebra topics.
February 1 to 5
Students are continuing through EPGY. Last Tuesday we focused on dividing polynomials by binomials. Students understood the concept quickly! It is always fun working in a small setting with these students. We get to tackle difficult concepts to the point where they seem easy in a short amount of time.
January 25 to 29
Students are working through EPGY. Students have been working with polynomials on Tuesdays when they meet with me. If students miss our session during PODS, the worksheet becomes homework.
January 19 to 22
Students are continually working through EPGY. Most of them are in unit five which focuses on polynomials and factoring. Although this is a tough concept for them, they continue to give it their best effort.
January 11 to 15
Students are continuing working through EPGY. They worked well last week and seemed more focused. I believe the two weeks was a great break for them!
January 4th to the 8th
Welcome back from break! I hope you all had a great two week vacation. Students are going to continue working on EPGY throughout the week. They also will be retaking any tests from units three and four.
December 14 to 18
Most students have completed chapter three and are beginning chapter four. They are not quite halfway through the year even though they are working hard. Chapter three and four assessments will not be in second quarter gradebook because students will not have adequate time to make up any quizzes. The goal is to have most students finish chapter four before the Christmas break.

Have a great Christmas break and enjoy your time with your family!

December 7 to 11
Students are continuing to work through EPGY. Students are building upon their knowledge of linear equations from last year. Although students are working hard, I do not think they will be halfway through the course by Christmas break. I really appreciate the effort students are showing!
November 16 to 20
This week students will be working in the classroom on EPGY. Although I know this can be a bit more distracting, students are able to get better help and I can keep a closer eye on their progress.

November 2 to November 6

Students will be working in the research center this week due to the lack of availability of computers at the middle school. I know they will keep meeting the expectations set for them! These students are continually working hard through EPGY and Khan Academy.
October 27 to 30
Students are continuing to work through EPGY and Khan Academy. Meeting every Tuesday has been very beneficial. Students practiced mixture problem s yesterday which helped them gain a better understanding about how they work.
October 19 to October 22
This week students are continuing their progress through EPGY and Khan Academy. We have decided to have a once a week check in for the students. Every Tuesday during PODS students will come an do a quick check in with me.
October 5 to October 9
Students are continuing working through EPGY and Khan Academy. We have changed up class a bit, and I think students are really benefiting from this change. I believe students are retaining the concepts better this year by working through Khan Academy alongside EPGY.
September 21 to 25
Students are continuing to work through EPGY and Khan Academy. We are changing up the class rotations a bit to keep students from getting board. Students will spend half of class on EPGY and the other half on Khan Academy. Our hope is that with a variation of activities, students stay motivated. The students and I are working together to make this a positive and engaging experience for them.
September 14 to 18
Students continue to work through EPGY and Khan Academy. Student are making good decisions to come in during PODS to get help. I am working hard to re-create the quizzes that students need to redo and will insert their quiz grades when they have an opportunity to make up some points. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!

This week is also spirit week! Here are the themes for each day this week:
Monday is western day.
Tuesday is twin day.
Wednesday is breast cancer awareness day.
Thursday is crazy hat day.
Friday is spirit day.
September 8 to 11
Students are continuing working through EPGY and Khan Academy this week. The students are finding it difficult to stay focused while working on the computers and dealing with the warmth of the room. We are working together to problem solve these issues. Students are being challenged to persevere through the difficult problems and warm environment. Please remind your student that he or she can come in during PODS if he or she needs any help.
August 31 to September 4
Students are continuing Khan Academy and EPGY. They are beginning order of operations on EPGY which involve multiple operations for one problem. Overalll, I think students are having a positive experience. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know!
August 24 to 28
Please join my class webpage so you can receive emails notifying you that my page has been updated!
This week students are diving into EPGY and Khan Academy. We have set up a Google classroom to better communicate this year. It is a blessing to work with these students for a second year. Please email me or call me if you have any concerns.
Welcome to Highland Middle School! This week students will be bringing home their syllabus' to be signed. Please read over the class expectations with your student. Throughout the year, weekly updates and any other announcement can be found here on my class page. Please join my class page to receive emails notifying you when the page has been updated. To join my class page, click on the Join This Fusion Page on the top right of my page. I am looking forward to an exciting year of math!
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